Everfit is a fitness studio dedicated to providing high quality personal training in an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. We carefully tailor your fitness regime to your personal goals and aspirations.

  • High quality personal training in an enjoyable and friendly environment

  • 25 min Training Sessions. The quickest way to get fit, and stay fit

  • Use new and innovative technology to make the most of your training time

  • Monitor your progress with scientific analysis

  • Whatever you fitness level or age group there is a programme for you

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Get the training that suits you best

Whatever your fitness level or age!

Everfit offers quality fitness training sessions provided by a certified personal trainer, who has more than 5 years of experience in this field. Your fitness and health is important to us, and we will strive to deliver the best programme, effective and manageable for you. Depending on your aspirations, you can choose from ONE-TO-ONE or GROUP personal training sessions, available in English, Spanish, German, French & Luxembourgish.

25 min training sessions

No more long hours in the gym!

Do you want to lose weight, gain strength, tone up or recover from an injury? Our revolutionary concept can help you achieve your aims quickly and stress-free. We work with accelerated training methods and innovative fitness technology, which ensures faster results. Don't spend too long in the gym, come along and try our 25 min sessions!

The Power Plate

Fast forward to the body you want!

Everfit is a unique Power Plate studio in Luxembourg. The Power Plate is an excellent platform to boost your health and fitness or recover from an injury. The Power Plate uses whole body vibration technology, which makes your body work at least three times harder compared with a typical workout in a gym. You will see and feel positive changes to your body quickly, whatever your fitness level and whatever your age. Get the most out of your fitness training! 

Monitor your progress with scientific analysis

Control your fitness!

As part of the personal training programme, your trainer will monitor changes to your body throughout your exercise regime using a medically certified device. This will help to ensure that you achieve your goals. And no need to worry, it is completely confidential!

EVERFIT Specialities

Running, pilates, pre-/post-natal, rehabilitation training

We offer a range of packages focused on specialties including running, pilates, pre-/post natal or rehab training. A personal trainer specialised in each category guides every class (group or one-to-one).

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