In addition to rehabilitation training, the Sproing's soft surface is an ideal platform to improve your running form and cadence, enhancing balance and movement patterns. This allows us to combine Power Plate training with exercises on the Sproing to accelerate your progression and fitness development, whatever your starting level or age. 


What does Sproing training involve?


The soft and controllable surface makes the Sproing ideal for functional movement patterns and ADL’s (Activity of Daily Living) such as balance, walking, running, lifting, squatting and side stepping in a progressive fashion. 


Your personal trainer controls and monitors the amount of air in the soft surface to find the appropriate level of stability and resistance challenge for you. There are no moving belts, so you can determine your speed, acceleration and deceleration. 


Interested in using the Sproing to recover from an injury or condition your fitness? 

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Everfit is the only provider of this technology in Luxembourg! 


The Sproing has been developed in particular for physical rehabilitation. This novel and innovative device enables cardio and resistance training on a soft and airfilled surface, which reduces impact and stress on the joints. 



Exercising on the Sproing will reduce

the impact on your joints by:


  • 50% ON THE KNEES

  • 41% ON THE BACK




The Sproing’s harness and handrails provide more security and safety to users of all abilities and across all rehabilitative stages, from post-op to fully recovered. 


The Sproing offers stability and safety during effective recovery from injury