Run, stretch and pave your way to fitness, stay healthy during pregnancy/after birth or recover from injury safely with EVERFIT!

We offer a range of packages focused on specialties including running, pilates, pre-/post natal or rehab training. A personal trainer specialised in each category guides every class (group or one-to-one).

No matter your age or level, these packages are designed to support your path to long-term fitness while having fun with the Everfit family!

Although an Everfit membership for Power Plate sessions is not required to attend classes, Power Plate training can compliment any of the below specialities perfectly and help you achieve your goals faster. Want to boost your speciality with Power Plate training? Ask your trainer!

Rugby Players

Run towards your goals

Join the EVERFIT running club or focus on your individual goals with RunFIT

Pilates is your way to a balanced body

Join EVERFIT Pilates classes - Coming Soon!


Your personalised training during pregnancy or after birth

Safe and effective training guided by a certified personal trainer for your pregnancy and goals after birth.


Quick and safe recovery

Have you injured yourself, had an operation or suffer from a chronic condition? Power Plate training and one-to-one sessions with a certified personal trainer can help your body heal faster and reduce pain.

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