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Do you want to improve your running performance and reduce the risk of injury?​​ 

Run Smarter

1 / Athlete Running Profile

Analysis of your strengths and weaknesses according to your training goal and the results you have obtained in our performance tests. 

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2 / Custom training plan for races

Depending on your goal, your profile and your time available, we will create a training plan that will allow you to reach your goal in the optimal conditions.

Custom Training Plan
3 / Training load analysis

Through the platform, we will perform an analysis of your training load in order to adapt your training plan according to your current state.

training load

Run Better

1 / Analysis of your running gait

The analysis helps determine if you have any bad habits that are causing additional stress on your body by evaluating various parts of a runner's stride, including stride, foot pronation, cadence, posture and vertical oscillation, along with many other factors.

2 / Gait re-training

Is a movement specific tailored intervention that aims to facilitate a new learning technique used to correct abnormal running mechanics that are contributing to an injury. 

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3 / Test MSK assimetries

With our assessment we will discover if you have weaknesses in your physical profile, which may predispose you to injury or limit your performance and provide a baseline measure for monitoring future training load. 

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Run Stronger

1 / Improve Performance

The strength training will improve your ability to generate force with each stride, more effective use of elastic energy from tendons, and more efficient running style. 

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2 / Injury Prevention

Strengthening muscles and joints through resistance training improves your body's ability by increasing the muscle load capacity o handle the training load .

injury prevention
3 / Improved Muscle Endurance 

Building strength can enhance the muscle's ability to endure prolonged efforts by increasing its resistance to fatigue, allowing athletes to maintain their pace and form for a longer duration.


Upcoming Races in Luxembourg


26eme Postlaf



20. Foyer Nordstadsemi 

5km - 10km - 21km


39. Cliärrwer Loof

5km - 10km

Do you want to prepare a race or to improve your current performance?

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