If you want to improve your running performance by running smarter and stronger, join our Running Club which offers different programs to optimize your performance and become a better runner:

  • Guided running sessions with a university qualified coach

  • Customized training plans including individualized running paces and heart rate training zones

  • Strength training to improve running performance and reduce the risk of injury 

  • Athlete assessments including running technique analysis and muscle imbalance correction

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Optimize your performance

Do you have individual goals that you want to reach?

  • Set your running goals and customise your intensity training zones and race paces with our Metabolic Performance Test

  • Improve your running technique and your running efficiency

  • Tailored weekly training plan

  • Follow your progress and track your training stats

  • Real-time messaging with your trainer


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SC and Injury Prevention

Do you want to improve your running performance and reduce the risk of injury?​​

  • Analysis strength race demands

  • Capacity Test

  • Strengthen the muscles to improve injury resilience

  • Individualized SC program