At Everfit we are Power Plate professionals, the only ones in Luxembourg! 


Everfit is a unique Power Plate Centre in Luxembourg. This means that at Everfit your trainer is a qualified Power Plate professional and offers novel and unique training methods that will quickly improve your fitness levels. 


Power Plates use Advanced Vibration Technology that will ensure a full body workout. In fact, the Power Plate technology was first used by NASA to regenerate muscle mass lost by astronauts during their time in space! 










What does Power Plate training involve?


Exercising on the Power Plate will form the core of your personal fitness training programme improving strength, flexibility, weight loss and circulation as well as reducing cellulite and alleviating pain (e.g. damaged muscles or tendons will recover faster and joint function will be improved). 


Your trainer will direct you to perform different exercises using a variety of fitness equipment (e.g. Dumbells, Kettlebells, therabands, TRX) on the Power Plate.


As a central component at Everfit, Power Plate training is available to you whether you sign up to group or one-to-one personal training sessions.

When performing exercises on a Power Plate 95% of your muscle fibre is used instead of the usual 65% via traditional training!

Interested in using the Power Plate to boost your fitness levels?


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