EVERFIT offers safe and effective exercise programmes for you if you are pregnant, or have recently given birth. Prioritizing a healthy and active lifestyle is a perfect way for you to have a healthy pregnancy and return to your normal lifestyle postpartum.

All MamiFIT sessions are One-to-One guided by a certified personal trainer, who understands the types of exercises that are both safe and effective for you and your baby.

Before becoming a member of MamiFit, please consult with your doctor. For more information about this package, please contact us. 




The Pre-natal EVERFIT package can help you through your pregnancy by tailoring an exercise regime to your body and pregnancy stage.


  • 1st Trimester: Exercise focusing on total body strength as well as some cardiovascular activity can ease the effects of morning sickness, elevate your mood and keep you and your foetus healthy. 


  • 2nd Trimester: Strengthening and stabilising the hips, pelvic floor, and gluteal region will limit weight gain to a healthy level, and help prevent pain and potential injury during this stage.


  • 3rd Trimester: Traditional strength training as well as breathing and stabilisation exercises can help increase your mood, give you energy and support a better night's sleep.

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The Post-natal EVERFIT package is tailored to you depending on the type of birth you have had. When you feel ready, training at EVERFIT after pregnancy can help you build up that abdominal strength, and will get you to your desired fitness level and body weight.

We understand that in this time it can be hard to part from your new born, so feel free to bring your baby to your session. We're always happy to entertain while you train! 

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Mother Doing Yoga with Baby