Raimon Teniente 

Qualified Personal Trainer

Speciality: Running training & Nutrition

Raimon has a BSc degree in Sports Sciences from the Spanish Sports University in Barcelona. Since qualifying Raimon has earned a number of accreditations including a Master in Sport Nutrition and Certified in Running Planning Methodologies Training. Raimon has +10 years of experience helping clients meeting their goals by developing personal fitness plans and running training. He is a certified Power Plate personal trainer and has been working at Everfit since 2018.


Raimois committed to deliver modern, high-quality and results-oriented sessions. He considers himself a life-long learner, always eager to acquire knowledge about new approaches, training techniques as well as sport and health related topics. He loves outdoor activities, especially running.

Raimospecialises in running training and nutritionSee speciality packages available here.

Daniel Muhamad 

Qualified Personal Trainer

Speciality: Dance & General Conditioning

Daniel has 10 years of body building experience, and in 2013 he obtained his personal trainer certification in France. He then worked in numerous gyms and sport facilities, further strengthening his relational skills and motivation for personalised and individual training. He is a certified Power Plate personal trainer and has been working at Everfit since 2018.


Daniel is passionate about his job, and is more than keen to guide you in order to reach your goals, whatever they may be. He is also an impressive dancer, ask him to show you some breakdance moves!

Daniel specialises in general conditioning and dance training. See speciality packages available here.

Miguel Menes 

Personal Trainer & Director

Speciality: Rehabilitation post Injury (functional recovery) & Pre-/Post-Natal training

Having completed both a BSc degree in Sports Sciences and a Masters in the Functional Recovery from Injury in Sport in Spain, Miguel has acquired in-depth wide-ranging knowledge in this field. Since qualifying Miguel has earned a number of accreditations in the fitness industry including a Diploma in Advanced Personal Training and Nutritional Advice and First Aid Certifications. For three years Miguel worked in the UK as an elite personal trainer in a studio that specialised in the use of Power Plates. During this time, Miguel designed and implemented individualised training programmes for a wide range of clients.


The Power Plate has now become Miguel's tool of choice to help people boost their fitness, whatever their starting level or age. His decision to employ Power Plate technology in Luxembourg introduces a unique personal training concept to the country.

Miguel specialises in pre-/post-natal and rehab after injuries (Functional recovery of injuries). See speciality packages available here.

Louis Zimmer

Qualified Personal Trainer

Speciality: General Conditioning

Louis has been a great asset to our team whilst doing his internship to become a Personal Trainer. In March 2020 Louis has been awarded the Personal Trainer certification, and continues to provide high quality training at Everfit.

Louis is passionate about sport, especially tennis and cycling. Although be careful, he is also a known champion at Chess!

Louis specialises in general conditioningSee speciality packages available here.



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