Ann Robertson, Former One-to-One client

Edinburgh, UK

Client Testimonials

Before opening EVERFIT in Luxembourg, Miguel worked in a Power Plate studio in Edinburgh, UK. See what some of his clients from Edinburgh have to say.

"I trained with Miguel for over a year before he left Edinburgh for Luxembourg. He really knows what he is doing and plans and develops Power Plate sessions to push you hard (sometimes, really hard...) and get the results you want, whatever they might be. Also, he is a lovely guy so somehow, inexplicably, training was good fun too. And this is from a middle-aged woman with a sedentary job and a longstanding aversion to regular exercise in general.


Truly, if you want to be stronger, more toned and fitter - and wouldn't want to spend hours in the gym even if you could - Power Plate training with Miguel works!"

Eileen MacGregor, Former One-to-One client

Edinburgh, UK

"Following recurring back problems as a result of a running injury, Miguel identified weaknesses in my physique and put together a personalized training plan to correct them. As a result I have not suffered any of the debilitating back pain I used to experience, and I am fitter and stronger than before."

Sally Phillips, Former One-to-One client

Edinburgh, UK

"Miguel is someone who really understands how bodies work, this means that he spots immediately what is wrong with you and more importantly what you, with his help, need to do to put it right.


I have worked with him for over a year and my only regret is that he is no longer in Edinburgh to continue his superb remedial work."

Dr. Dominic H. Berry, Former One-to-One client

Edinburgh, UK

"The reason Miguel is such a good trainer is because he understands the human body, and he really cares about his clients. He has long experience and is extremely well qualified. He is particularly knowledgeable about injuries, and has helped me with longstanding back and knee problems.


I would strongly recommend Miguel to anyone who wants to keep fit and take care of their body."